Expansion of our nutrition project

Over the past year, Waridi Kenya Trust has collaborated with Rosemary Odada and her Kenyan charity Garden of Hope in Kisumu. In its early stages, thirty children in the slums of Kisumu received our care and were given a meal weekly.

We are pleased to inform that our project has expanded during the course of the year. (more…)

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Construction project in the village of Dago

One of our volunteer coordinators in Kisumu sent us an urgent request for assistance. Rose, a young girl, living with her handicapped mother in a hut on the verge of collapse were in dire need of help as the rain season approached. The only protection against the cold and rain were plastic covers over the roof and were in need of replacement. In addition, poorly patched holes in the walls allowed easy intrusion of strangers endangering both Rose and her handicapped mother.

Thanks to generous donations from sponsors, Rose and her mother now call a small clay hut home, a typical Kenyan home. The new home is equipped with a solid corrugated iron roof, windows and doors that can be locked. The two-room hut provides plenty of space for a cooking and sleeping. In addition, we supported Rose and her mother with a draw hoe and foods. Despite Rose’s mother disability, she has regained the energy and strength to work their fields and use their own produce to assure a livelihood.

We will accompany Rose and her mother in their pursuit of embetterment and will continue to sponsor Rose’s education.

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Education for our sponsored children

Without education, children in Kenya have no chance of a self-determined future. Despite compulsory education and the abolition of school fees in the first eight years of schooling, many children cannot attend school due to financial struggles. In efforts to support their parents and families to survive, children must endure long distances to fetch fresh water, collect firewood, work the fields, or sell produce at the market. Even with hard work and determination to provide for their families, it is never sufficient to send all children, allowing only one child of a multi-member family to attend school. (more…)

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Nutrition project in the slums of Kisumu

Together with the local organization Garden of Hope founded by Rosemary Odada, Waridi Kenya Trust began a nutrition project for thirty children in Kisumu in July of 2015. All children come from the slum belt of Kisumu, especially from Nyalenda, Manyatta and Obunga. The conditions in these slums include living without electricity, water or sanitation. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Those living in the slums of Kisumu are prone to disease, violence and oftentimes death. (more…)

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