About us

What we do

Waridi Kenya Trust is an initiative of dedicated people, which set itself the goal to help needy families in Kisumu, Kenya and to give them a perspective for their future. We support families who are unable to eat regularly and have no access to medical care when needed. We offer help in acute hardship and are committed to promote equality between women and men; therefore, we have determined education, self-help, equality and emergency assistance as our fundamental priorities.

Where we are active

On the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya lays Kisumu County, the home to almost one million people. One in ten of its residents is diagnosed with HIV positive. Three quarters of the population are under thirty years old and half are under fifteen years of age. With its 322,734 residents, Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and the capital of the county. Most of its people living in Kisumu County belong to the Luo, the third largest ethnic group in the country. Poverty is widespread and manifests itself in socio-economic problems such as poor nutrition, health and education. Kisumu has the highest level of poverty in Kenya. Unemployment is one of the critical challenges in Kisumu, especially amongst young people as the primary industries consist of fishing and agriculture.

Who we are

Through travels to Kenya, voluntary work in an orphanage and collaboration in a research project focused on the quality of life in the slums of Kisumu, we have come to understand the living conditions, cultural circumstances and needs of those who struggle most. Waridi Kenya Trust is well connected and is cooperating with local volunteers, as well as Kenyan organizations to implement our projects.