Nutrition project in the slums of Kisumu

Together with the local organization Garden of Hope founded by Rosemary Odada, Waridi Kenya Trust began a nutrition project for thirty children in Kisumu in July of 2015. All children come from the slum belt of Kisumu, especially from Nyalenda, Manyatta and Obunga. The conditions in these slums include living without electricity, water or sanitation. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Those living in the slums of Kisumu are prone to disease, violence and oftentimes death.

Children, often orphans, are malnourished and neglected. Through our nutrition project, they receive a nutrient-rich food consisting of Chapati and mung beans once a week. The nutrition project is held at a local church, where children are not only fed, but allows them to escape everyday struggles. Rosemary has been successful in finding a local doctor and nurses who volunteer every other month in examining and treating children, for example the much needed deworming medicine. In addition to the distribution of food and medical care, it is crucial to educate mothers on topics relating to breastfeeding and nutrition and knowledge of vital significance.

Funding of the early stage was secured through fundraising efforts by students enrolled in the Business and Society course – Spring of 2015 at Long Island University Post, New York, USA. We are grateful for their generous donations and hope students in the coming semesters will continue to collaborate and support future projects with Waridi Kenya Trust.