Expansion of our nutrition project

Over the past year, Waridi Kenya Trust has collaborated with Rosemary Odada and her Kenyan charity Garden of Hope in Kisumu. In its early stages, thirty children in the slums of Kisumu received our care and were given a meal weekly.

We are pleased to inform that our project has expanded during the course of the year.From providing thirty children with a weekly meal, we have now increased the support to three additional locations totaling 200 children. Children are provided with nutritious meals, including rice and different vegetables. We are grateful Rosemary has successfully found willing supporters assisting in the purchasing of food, prepping meals and looking after children in exchange for a small pay.

Rosemary attends a different location every Saturday and is keen in recognizing problems and the necessity of local residents. For example, the much needed deworming medicine, which must be distributed quarterly.

Members, Gabriele and Sophia, were able to witness the great volunteer work of Rosemary and her willing supporters while attending the feeding programs at our three new locations.

Our locations

Our original nutrition project in the slums of Kisumu takes place on site the Winners Chapel, serving the children of Nyalenda, Manyatta and Obunga.

Our second location in the village of Sango, is located at the shore of Lake Victoria in outer Kisumu. Sango, being Rosemary’s home is of great importance to us, allowing us to better understand the necessities of its people in addition to her family being proactive and providing their grounds for our feeding program. Furthermore, thanks to Abisalom children are able to partake in singing, dancing and plays.

Korowe, our third location is twenty minutes from Kisumu. In an unused, but well-preserved building complex children aged 2-14 gather to receive meals from Benta, also a willing supporter of our program.

Kajulu Guba, our fourth and latest location is in a remote area outside of Kisumu not readily accessible by road. Molly, another supporter resided in the area with her family. Thanks to her helpfulness, many children receive a nutrient-rich meal and are provided the opportunity to enjoy themselves and play with one another.

Financing continues to be supported through fundraising efforts by the students enrolled in the Business and Society courses – Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 at Long Island University – Post, New York, USA. We are grateful for their ongoing trust and generous donations. We hope students in the coming semesters continue to collaborate and support future projects with Waridi Kenya Trust.