Education for our sponsored children

Without education, children in Kenya have no chance of a self-determined future. Despite compulsory education and the abolition of school fees in the first eight years of schooling, many children cannot attend school due to financial struggles. In efforts to support their parents and families to survive, children must endure long distances to fetch fresh water, collect firewood, work the fields, or sell produce at the market. Even with hard work and determination to provide for their families, it is never sufficient to send all children, allowing only one child of a multi-member family to attend school.

Our sponsored children

Prior to Waridi Kenya Trust assisting families with school fees, no child, between the ages of 5-18 could not attend school. Only through our intervention, children now have the opportunity to attend school.

Sisters Rosa and Rosaline both attend the Wachara Primary School. Rosa suffers from the effects of polio. Unfortunately, the mother died during the birth of Rosaline. The grandmother took the two sisters and their brother in and nurtures the siblings on her own in her clay hut.

Joshua lives below the poverty line with his sick mother and his very old grandmother. Joshua’s father died when he was only a baby. He is currently enrolled in the 4th grade at the Bar Union Primary School in Nyahera, outside Kisumu.

Rose lives alone with her handicapped mother and attends the same school as Joshua. Rose’s father died due AIDS. Her married siblings were unable to take Rose with them and to date cannot care for Rose and her mother. With assistance of the Waridi Kenya Trust, Rose and her mother have significantly improved their living conditions with the construction of a clay hut.

Grace is currently enrolled in 3rd grade of a secondary school. Her family cannot afford school fees because her father is of age and her mother, who works hard on the fields of neighbors, still finds it difficult to provide for her family of 7 children. Through our sponsorship, Grace is now on the road to learn a profession and shape her own future, preventing her from falling in the common cycle of early marriage and motherhood.